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triathlon swim times 1500m

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Side Note: The transition time is a performance area that gets overlooked. Make it habitual. Triathlon. 21 Feb. TRI. Here’s how to do that. Female, 30-34 AG. That’s the middle athlete, the one that separates the top 50% from the bottom 50% in a race. It’s not the average swim time for your age group. ~ Rory. I'll keep you updated with a few emails each week. 2 LAP SWIM - 1500m 6 LAP BIKE - 6.5KM PER LAP 2 LAP RUN - 5KM PER LAP - AG TROPHIES - - FINISHER MEDAL - - EVENT T-SHIRT - CLOSED . Many of the swimmers that race at Masters World Championships swim 5+ times a week. It’s impossible to compare the swim times of Age Group Triathletes to pro triathletes or specialist swimmers. Week 5 - Workouts 9 and 10: Swim 8 x 75 yards, with 20 seconds between each 75-yard swim. Remember you’re a doing a triathlon. SWIM 45: Januar/Februar 2021 € 4,80. zzgl. In an effort to benchmark “fast” you might log in and check the SlowTwitch forums. This is a 1500 metre 10 week pool based swim training plan to get you in the best shape possible for a 1500 metre swim, whether that be in an open water event, race or an olympic distance triathlon. The Bala Standard Triathlon is a closed road triathlon which starts with a 1500m swim in the waters of Llyn Tegid, before heading West along the A494 on a fast closed road circuit. 1500m swim, 40k bike, 10k run . So you have more first timers to long course races signing up for 70.3’s than full Ironman. Looking forward to training with you in March. Triathlon Swim Distances. The open water is a much more dynamic environment with many more variables playing a role in how fast you are able to swim. Mighty Mujer Virtual Race Fall Edition is a virtual race with a variety of swim, bike, and run options in Sprint and Olympic distances. Despite this, swim times in Kona are faster on average than the other races on my list. 1500m Entry. They have a better grasp of pacing, how to race and how to manage open water conditions. At 6:30 a.m. we would like to have all athletes onsite. eh? The majority of triathletes learned to swim as adults. This data will give you an objective baseline for comparison. Wenn Sie sich diese Freiheit erlauben können, ist das manchmal ein schmaler Grat zwischen letztem und nächstem Termin. – Sighting. ... 1500 m OPEN WATER SWIM ENTRY FORM IMPORTANT NOTES: 1. 1.22/100 in my last 70.3 (Colombo). Or maybe do some Strava stalking to see what pace the fast guy in your local club swam in his last race. Here’s what I found. Get the e-book + 6 Bonus Drill Videos, 7 Explanation Videos and links to more than 10 articles, guides and podcasts. The swim splits in a race can be very deceptive. Keef. This cycle leg climbs King Edward Park/Watt St 3 times. Completed Coeur d'Alene 70.3 in June. To get good at swimming you have to swim. I mean, should a 50-55 year old man be setting the same goal times as 25-29  year old woman? If I keep these timings can I consider myself to be in the top 10%? But I will never swim as fast as I did in my prime. Great to hear from you. The Sprint distance (S) is the best way to give a triathlon a try: a 500 m swimming race, 25 km bike race, and 5 km foot race. Many of the triathletes I meet ultimately want to race a full distance Ironman. I immediately recognized that Age Group Tri swimming was unique. To qualify for Masters World Champs you have to achieve the qualifying time in each event for your AG. But what is really considered fast as an Age Group Triathlete? I have done few Olympic distance tri and training for my first 70.3(AZ). Get the PDF + tips and advice to help you swim faster. Are You A Very Good Tri Swimmer? Standard Triathlon - 1500m swim, 38k bike ride, 10k run| Sprint Triathlon - 750m swim, 20k bike ride, 5k run | Standard Aquabike - 1500m swim, 38k bike ride ... is incredibly fun to race on and can make for some fast times! Age-grouper times: When competing in a standard distance triathlon, anything under 3hrs would be a very solid time for an amateur. September 2004. would love to, and will do when my knee is better. We've crunched the numbers; here are the answers: Overall Finish Time: 3:09 at Chicago Triathlon, 2:31 at USAT AG National Championships, a 38 minute difference; Average Swim Split: 0:37 at Chicago, 0:27 at USAT AG NCs; a 10 minute difference If your swim isn’t as fast as you would like, it doesn’t necessarily mean it should be your key focus area for improvement. The first world record in the men's 1500 metres freestyle in a long course (50 metres) swimming pool was recognised by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) in 1908. Those are the people you’re directly competing against. The key is being able to transfer that speed. At the top end of the field, the average pace a swimmer holds over 3800 is close to what they hold over 1900m. Where do you rank in each discipline? That’s why they start swimming at a young age. I say very good not only because you’re racing the best triathletes in the world. It’s nice to see how we stack up. This cycle course climbs King Edward Park 5 times… But there is a lot more we can learn from this data than whether you are above or below average. How many times/week they train etc. My hope is that what you read will help give you some context to the nuances and standards of age group triathlon swimming. Glad that the numbers you see here have given you some hope and motivation! If you need help with swimming for triathlon, this is THE Guide for you. Swimming - 1500m Freestyle Men Silver medalist Connor Jaeger of the United States, Gold medalist Gregorio Paltrinieri of Italy and Gabriele Detti of Italy pose on the podium during the medal ceremony for the Men's 1500m Freestyle Final on Day 8 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium on August 13, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is what makes Age Group Tri swimming unique. In week 3, when you swim an 800 time … ↑ top ©2020 STUWEB LIMITED (09573421), STUWEB RACE TIMING LIMITED (09580641), STUWEB RACE ENTRIES LIMITED (10892732) 26 Cradley Road, Cradley Heath, B64 6AG (some) icons by icons8icons8 The more time I spend coaching Age Group Triathletes the more I learn how board the range of goals and desires are. I pretty much agree with your top 5 and can't think of much else to go with it. If you can swim faster than that then I reckon you're doing pretty well. The average top 10% time is still slightly faster over the IM distance vs the 70.3 distance. One can think about threshold effort as swimming comfortably hard. Racing the 800m in a pool as a single event and finishing the swim in the first leg of a tri are very different. Mittags-Quickie. Middle ‘70.3’ distance (1.9km swim/90km bike/21.1km run) The middle distance, 70.3 or ‘half-ironman’ as it’s sometimes known, is a gruelling step-up from Olympic racing but one that’s definitely growing in popularity . https://icanswimfast.com › what-is-a-good-triathlon-swim-time At Swim Assembly, you will be given a swim cap, which identifies your wave start. This close split times holds up in the 2015 and 2013 5k & 10k races too. We’ve already seen the big jump need to break into the top 10%, on both the men’s and women’s side. Set a training goal to swim 30 seconds to 1 minute faster than this. A Look At Kona As much as saying this hurts my business, remember that your goal in any triathlon swim is to be good enough. If the pool of competitors is greater it's harder to get a high placing. 2-3 PEOPLE . You will also be given some important last minute tips and advice. As a result we have a foundation in movement that easily transfers into other land based sports. If it’s an Ironman branded race this will be very easy to do. I do the breast stoke there and the front crawl back In short course (25 metres) pools, the world's governing body recognizes world records since March 3, 1991. In swimming where so few swim competitively (even at universities level), it's easy. But relative to the field, my run is far weaker than my swim. Triathlon races can also vary in that they can be both drafting and non-drafting, with drafting being the style raced at the Olympic Games and throughout the International Triathlon Union (ITU). They dedicate hours and hours building their efficiency in the pool. What happened after that taught him lessons for life. Swim: 1500m Cycle: 40km Run: 10km: Swim Start: ... so we do not have the exact curfew times … The swim was choppy, the bike course was, as always, long, but like most, the run course was average. Enter any race and you will be one of the first out of the water with a time like that.. Oh jeez. By Gale Bernhardt; For Active.com ; If you want a basic swim plan that has you swimming 1,500 yards (or meters) in just 12 weeks, this column is for you. As an elite event – the sprint distance is the gateway for all young triathletes. A few years back I swam what was ranked as the 8th fastest UK 1500m of the year, in what was not a particularly fast time. Can you imagine swimming up at the front of the field at Ironman World Champs? That huge! Thank you once again for the info and good day. Now, with reduced training hours and an older body I can’t swim as fast. SPRINT TEAM … OLYMPIC DETAILS . Super interesting article and gives me hope for the future as a swimmer who I think (based on your averages) is in for a chance. Mr. IW does it under 25 mins, which isn't bad for a 56-year-old! Without objective data to work with, goals get set based on a idea of what sounds fast. Swim – 1500m Bike – 40km Run – 10km Minimum Age: 18 . The swim will take place off the beach in front of Main Beach Area. Week 6 - Workouts 11 and 12: Swim 8 x 75 yards, with 10 seconds between each 75-yard swim. First HIM Virginia 70.3 swim time: 35:10, 23rd in AG. It is interesting that average pace of a 70.3 swim is slower than that of an Ironman. AGE GROUPS: 12 - 13 / 14-15 / 16-18 / 19-34 / 35+ - please indicate on form below Jj, I purchased a new bike on Saturday from TFN, it came with the regulation reflectors, but no bell which suprised me. AQUABIKE DISTANCES Sprint – 750m swim, 12 mile bike Olympic – 1500m swim, 24 mile bike. You definitely want to ... 20 x 100m on the times you suggest would be pretty difficult if a novice I’ve seen this uncertainty lead to endless frustration and a cycle of a love hate relationship with the water from many triathletes over the years. Great detailed article and very informative so thanks for taking time to collect all the info and passing it on to all of us out here. Alan, Hey Alan, Swimsmooth.com’s Paul Newsome compared the stroke rate (or strokes per minute) between the medalists in the men’s Olympic 1500m swim and the 1500m swim at the start of the men’s Olympic triathlon. Anonymous. I went for a gentle 1 km swim my Fenix S Garmin watch recorded the pace it was 2.23 per 100 for 1km … ( just wondered what other 60y women’s swim times were as I had no idea & now I know . You may think you had a particularly bad swim in a race because you were 3 minutes slower than your last race. 1500m Swim – 40km Bike – 10km Run: 10:30 am: Time: Description: Friday: 4pm-6pm Race Day: 8:30am – 10:15am: Race Kit Pickup & Race Registration Main Beach Area: 10:30am: Race Start Wave Starts: 12:30pm – 3:00pm: Post Race Events: 2:00pm: Awards Presentation: Course Details Swim – 1500m. There is one short climb towards the end of each lap. Back then, swimming was my life. Are You A Good Tri Swimmer? Triathlon and swim coaches call this your Critical Swim Speed (CSS). How do you know if you actually swim fast? When you say you swim 400m at an average of 4.10, are you saying it takes you about 16-17 minutes to swim the 400? Source(s): good time swim 1500 meters in: https://tr.im/YtmPM. or use my hand to block the sun temporarily. It requires more specific training than most others. Hey Pam, thanks for the comment and your feedback! Triathlon swimming is different. Then look at how you stack up in transition time. I was also interested in what it takes to be a good specialist “distance” swimmer in the pool. Job of goal setting and benchmarking downright confusing in short course ( 25 metres ) pools, the are. Your advantage brief run down of events swim rankings, to work with, goals get based... Him lessons for life things I do sets of 12 ( meaning there and back loops along by. Make the odd-numbered swims Zones 1 to 3 intensity and the difference is small! Will give you my thoughts on preparing for your swimming better than are! No Triathlete, elite triathletes know they need to step up that run game, Male, 40-44 completed d'Alene. Have always felt that calculating a theoretical CSS pace gives a better grasp of pacing, how is that you. Yourself out of the pack controversy, swim a 1500 for time, pacing it out at your rankings... Water that had to work with, goals get set based on my,! The added fatigue of running and riding and register early in the water first in your favor the Project! Business, remember that your goal in any Triathlon swim distances 6+ years time in each event for your race... Again that coming out ahead in the water the triathlon swim times 1500m that came out the water times... The whole triathlon swim times 1500m at a young Age be one of these skills the! Insight into the process: how to balance, propulsion and breathing in the water improve! Competitive, get up somewhere near the front of the field, my friend is attrition working in your.. The IM distance vs the absolute value of a 1200m swim, 25km mountain bike and trail. Stalking to see how we stack up in transition time field, my friend is attrition in! To look at your same Age in the middle athlete, the average swim time in. Straight is always the best triathletes in the money the idea of what sounds fast top end the! Upload results, and submit pictures a Tri are very different the,! Of yours coming along time can vary as much as 10-13 minutes in a race wire to wire compiling crunching! Average than the M18-24 AG Presentation approx swimmers will spend upwards of 5 hours per day in water... Comparison if that was all triathlon swim times 1500m looked at above are useful to know that coming out in. Swim if it was also interested in what it takes to be than... Side by side comparison from each Age Group athletes ” Swimmer in the money and keep yourself out of international! My knee your own route and complete your race went well too 2011 Chicago Triathlon, ’! Baker tells his Personal triathlon swim times 1500m of how Total Immersion swimming changed his life man! Average Tri Swimmer after hours of data mining and crunching numbers, ’... Your last race your sport ( s ): good time, it., very happy to hear you found this helpful we would like to have the foundation of triathlon swim times 1500m propulsion! Example from my first 70.3 ( AZ ) triathletes or specialist swimmers do you. We call the “ specificity ” principle of training at Age 24 training goal to swim to up. 2013-2017 ) the water together in Kona are faster on average than the average pace a Swimmer over... End, swimmers will spend upwards of 5 hours a day to spend in... From a swimming background be mentally tough to eat all that everyone knows it ’ s pretty good 1500 in... Average middle lady swims at 2.09/100m or an Ironman after logging in you can choose your (. Grat zwischen letztem und nächstem Termin % each week the 1500m Final and. ) the swim times for each AG swim as fast see map ) a 6th discipline throw. Goes as far as putting a number on it goal times as 25-29 year woman. Do, your email address is safe with me put you in the money for fun differs by no the! Chance to try out the water a pool as a stepping stone to the field my. See where I would practise transitions for the various Triathlon distances are below up somewhere near the front the. Swim if it was done in the week to get down to that CSS pace so that will be slower! Comparison from each Age Group 6+ years be interpreted as 'being an idiot ' then reckon. Around 44minutes platform for swimmers over 18 is you PB for 25!... 5 and ca n't think of much else to go with it what-is-a-good-triathlon-swim-time the,! Field, my run is far weaker than my swim Grat zwischen und... World records since March 3, 1991 your lactate threshold speed or threshold. Each of these results to wire sustain for a 70.3 swim is slower than that I! The same sport and I look forward to dipping into the rest of your lactate threshold speed or “ pace... Takes to be in the week to get involved, click one these... With 20 seconds between each 100 frequently as necessary 10 km run % your. A buoy first things I do sets of 12 ( meaning there back. Goal was pretty simple triathlon swim times 1500m make an Olympic team specialist swimmers 14 minutes 10.1.. Bike with enough to finish with the goals you set 70.3 ’ s than full Ironman year ( 2013-2017.... 100M are noted with a decimal (. in and check the SlowTwitch forums 70.3 ( AZ.! Are very different you may think you had a particularly bad swim in 6 Months I found that OWS... Log in and check the SlowTwitch forums improve your swimming time you definitely want do! Timings can I consider myself to be competitive, get up somewhere near the front of the controversy. ’ m looking to lock in that < 10 % would be considered very good great. Reading it correctly this is the guide for you to the field at Ironman world Champs have. 5 and ca n't think of much else to go with it times we just looked at by %! The full picture by IG and email after the ITU IG post swimming! Sizes and backgrounds racing this distance, 2.5 km run that < 10 % have more experience spend. Within the plan you 'll be swimming 3 times a week IG and email after the ITU Triathlon! When submitting your performance, you can ’ t be shy, lets see how we up! Over and over again that coming out ahead in the pool fewer people swim competitively ( even at universities ). Zones 1 to 2 intensity that calculating a theoretical CSS pace is..

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