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John Howard/Digital Vision/Getty Images. Speed at which a bicycle chain moves is below 5 km/h (top, when 53 toothed chainring is spun at over 120 rounds per minute). Primarily it affects the water resistance (c.5.1.) Routinely lubing your bike chain will improve its performance and prevent it from wearing out early. As can be seen from picture 5, “thickness” of SAE 30 motor oil matches ISO VG 100 viscosity grade, while “thickness” of SAE 80 gear oil, depending on particular model and manufacturer, ranges from the lower borderline, to well below the reference ISO VG 100 “thickness” (i.e. This is an industrial oil. cross-chaining). Filter by Type Wet Lube (7) Bike Grease (6) … that might contradict, or seem to contradict my work when read/interpreted by a non expert. Often sold as “sewing machine oil”. They usually come in “medium thick” grades – ISO VG 32 and ISO VG 46, but are produced in viscosity grades from ISO VG 15 to ISO VG 100. The more a lubricant gets dry when settled on a chain (because even completely dry lubricants are usually in some solvent that evaporates after getting applied onto the chain), the more chance a dry lubricant additive has to make a difference. Use this same method on the brake cables as well. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); For the price of £2.49 there isn't really a bad thing to say about this lubricant. I have a tub of “moly ep grease”. Water washout resistance and amount of dirt attracted depend mostly on viscosity, like explained in chapter 8.1. and table 3. Without oil, clipless pedals could be difficult or impossible to remove. Odler version of chains had bushings over pins – between pins and rollers. Dilute it per personal preference with some diesel fuel (D2 preferably). There are countless types and models: “dry bicycle chain lubes”, “wet bicycle chain lubes”, “dry, ceramic bicycle chain lubes”, “wet ceramic bicycle chain lubes”, and so on…. click here. Bicycle chain function and loads it bears Bicycle chain’s function is to transfer pedaling force from the front chainring to the rear sprocket. Chain consists of plates that are connected with pins. To lube them shift the rear derailleur to the largest cog (the front derailleur to the big chainring). Wipe off the excess to prevent attracting more dirt. That is why it’s a good idea to dilute it with mineral spirits, or diesel, usually in ratios from 3(oil):1(diesel), to 1:4 ratio, depending on oil’s viscosity. Here is a random example to show you what I mean: Your version: “For instructions how to clean and lubricate the chain, as well as for simple lubricant recommendation, read this post:”, Suggested corrections: “For instructions on how to clean and lubricate a chain, as well as lubricant recommendations, read this post:”, I share my knowledge completely free, out of pure enthusiasm. I suppose. Decathlon 03 Bike Chain Oil is a cheaper option than many lubes out there. However, I’ve also provided a cross reference for comparing SAE and ISO VG grades, as well as explained the limits of SAE nomination (primarily the temperatures at which the SAE viscosity is measured). to get in between the pins and the rollers. When picking out chain oil, you will be faced with five different types of chain lube. Picture 2 shows parts of a modern bicycle chain. Gear oil is not corrosive to aluminium. For instructions on how to clean and lubricate a chain, as well as lubricant recommendations, read this post: How to lubricate a bicycle chain. The engagement and disengagement will be noticeably less smooth. Dry lubricants for bicycle chains. Formulate with fluoropolymer (PTFE) to aid in dry friction and special waterproofing oil. For example: a lubricant that is resistant to water is usually too sticky and collects much dirt; and vice-versa – a lubricant that is dry and doesn’t collect dirt is often easily washed out in the rain. Sports & Rec + Bikes + Bike Tools & Maintenance + Bike Lubricants & Greases; Skip product filters. In the remainder of this post, these characteristics will be referred to as c.5.1. (PTFE), some dry lubricants, even after applying them to the chain and leaving to dry, remain a little liquid, a bit “oily”. And vice-versa. If Your experience differs and certain lubricant turns out to be great for your riding conditions and chain maintenance methods, then by all means stick to it! Each viscosity grade has roughly 50% higher viscosity than the previous one, with minimal and maximal viscosity varying ±10% from the mid-point. oz. Bushing chain parts are shown in picture 1. It has very good resistance to water contamination, water washout and provides excellent rust protection. The long-lasting formula lets you go longer between applications. Low price – so that chain lubrication doesn’t cost more in the long run than replacing chains more often. Along with attempting to explain dynamic and kinematic viscosity but then never using those words again in the rest of the paper showing only to serve as gibberish as none of that information is used in your comparison as you don’t have any of that information to compare the different types of lubricants thus only serves as a feeble attempt to build credibility. International organization ISO (International Standards Organization), in coordination with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), DIN (ger. Listen for squeaks while riding, this will indicate a need for lubrication and cleaning. Choose a lube that’s right for your bike based on the conditions you’ll be riding it in. Plainly put: how fast does a fluid leak, under the force of gravity (and it’s own weight). Since viscosity is probably the most important characteristic of fluids (especially for lubrication), it will be explained in more detail. Paraffin wax flakes off the chain along with grains of sand and dirt that might have gotten stuck to it. I’m sure there are, and will be, people who completely, or partially disagree. So they are not good for rainy riding conditions. It's easily applied and will keep your chain and derailleur running smoothly. 4.5 out of 5 stars 577. They are easier to find in smaller packages than turbine oils. The easiest way to do this is to let the oil drip steadily onto a fixed point while backpedaling, so the entire chain gets saturated. When Should You Clean & Apply Oil to Bicycle Chains? No matter what type of cyclist you are, when it comes to lubricants for bicycle chains, it’s important that you use it to avoid any issues with how your bicycle performs. For most part, I’ve just used the name (like “water resistance” for example). $5 - $10 (1) $10 - $20 (18) $20 - $30 (7) $30 - $40 (13) $40 - $50 (11) $50 - $75 (15) $75 - $100 (3) $100 - $150 (2) $150 - … One might instinctively think that a dry lube is used on dry days and a wet lube saved for wet days. This consistent, high power means that chains experience much higher rates of … When a chain is elongated for more than 0.5% of it’s specified length, it is time to change it. 01. Take another clean rag and dry the chain. The hilarious part of your comparison of the types of lubricants is you don’t even address your own requirements that you set forth in section 5 per each type of lubricant. Although it doesn’t move much you will really want to be able to move your seat post when you need to. It doesn’t leave stains, and it’s relatively easily washed even from clothes. The main flaw of chainsaw oil is it tends to stick a lot of dirt as well. Finally, gear oils tend to collect more dirt than some other oils, while they aren’t proportionally more resistant to water washout. Thicker ones can be diluted with some diesel oils for winter use, or even for summer if it suits one’s preferences (explained in chapter 8.1. and table 3). It is important for the lubricant to reach the “inside” of the chain, ie. Classification of viscosity for motor and gear oils was made by USA organization SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and SAE viscosity classification is often used for automotive lubricants. There is an ever-growing range of bike chain lubrication; wet, dry, wax-based, ceramic, lubes infused with nanoparticles, and paraffin wax, to name a few. Tight links are usually caused by corrosion between the plates or dirt. However, you … } Most lubes unlike are now engineered better, providing lubrication whilst not collecting dirt, and grime and continuing to wash rain off while riding. In practice they are usually longer lasting than paraffin wax lubes, but tend to collect a bit more dirt than paraffin wax lubricants. Finish Line e-Bike Chain Lube™ E-Bikes place high demands on their drivetrains that differentiate them from standard bicycles. Rust prevention? Table 1 shows standardised SAE viscosity grades of motor oils and viscosity values at reference temperatures. 7.5. Tight links can also be caused by poor pin installation or major damage to the chain. 7.4. Label usually says something along the lines of: “wax based chain lubricant”. CDN$ 18.99 CDN$ 18. Comparative review of ISO VG and SAE viscosity grades7. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { var _g1; There's no set timeline for how often you should lube your chain. } catch(e) {}, try { So a chain can be dirty on the outside, as long as pins and inner sides of rollers are clean and lubed, there will be no problems. Keep going until it is clean. Ideally, use a drip-type oil, and oil along the chain’s inner circumference – the part the gears penetrate. Lubes are typically used on chains and derailleurs, with other types … Gear oils usually have EP (Extreme Pressure) additives. Lubricant viscosity (explained in chapter 6.) Note: this test concludes paraffin wax is the best bicycle chain lubricant, for all the riding (weather) conditions and by all the criteria. In particular, focus on these spots: 01. of 06. Coat the cables thoroughly with T-9 on your fingertips. Some commercial paraffin wax based chain lubricants often have other dry lubricants added (usually PTFE), in order to improve characteristics. The Bike Medicine Purple Extreme Performance Synthetic Chain Lubricant is a superior, artificial bicycle chain lubricant. Besides the above mentioned, chain lubes sometimes have another dry lubricant added, such as molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), graphite or some other, more “exotic” additive, i.e. To lube, the pivot points use T-9 and drop a small amount on each of them every few months. https://bike.bikegremlin.com/2018/09/25/the-best-bicycle-chain-lubricant/ (EDITED in 2018, for a new, even briefer post). A damaged chain should be removed and replaced. As was explained in chapter 6.1, in case of multigrade engine oils, the first mark (before the “W”) is relevant for determining viscosity for bicycle chains lubrication. SAE 80, SAE 90 etc.). 8.2.6. Stand to the side and lift the back wheel. Clean any dirt and look at neglected areas. Turbine oil. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Wet lubricant viscosity and it’s effect on characteristics. for the first one, c.5.2. Thanks for visiting Cyclebaron.com. This will help remove built-up dirt and grime. Unless paraffin wax is bought, melted by heating, chain submerged in it, let to drip dry, excess rubbed off… then a “special” dry lube for chain needs to be bought, with a fluid solvent that dries off and a rather high price. Low price6. Plain English: most fluids tend to thicken wen cooled and dilute when heated. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. Features: 100% brand new and high quality. Fine paraffin oil is not a champion of water, or corrosion resistance, but it is very clean. SAE 75W, SAE 80W etc. I’ve explicitly named the important ones, where it is important, with links. Dry Lube - The ‘dry’ element refers to the actual lubricating substance that works on your chain, usually a waxy kind of deposit. To fix this you can clean the chain, lubricate it, and flex it back and forth. So look at the given data more in terms of guidelines… I think not even computer software companies make better disclaimers than this. for the second and so on. These lubricants are made by various, big or small, manufacturers. A dry lube is applied as a liquid, before drying out to the leave the … Bicycle chain maintenance is not something done lightly because it may damage your bike or cause an accident. That is why a worn chain is often referred to as “stretched chain”. Avoid using a lubricant on the brake pads, rotors, and rims, this can cause problems with actually stopping. In a pinch, use as “thin” as possible, cleaning it off the chain and replacing with a better option as soon as possible. Similar to motor oils, there are “winter” grades with a “W” mark (e.g. Most mid-drive e-Bike systems will add up to an additional 250 Watts to the rider's input, and some performance models can add up to 350 Watts. In this case, it is more economical to replace the chain. Lubricants are often sold in certain viscosity grades. For example, a lubricant that is resistant to water washout will be even more resistant if more viscous, and less resistant if “thinned”. Paraffin wax. As shown in table 1, referent viscosities are given for freezing temperatures and for 100 °C. All of this is normal and to be expected. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Viscosity varies from “thin” ones (ISO VG 20 to ISO VG 35), to “thicker” ones (ISO VG 46, or ISO VG 68 more often). I’ve dedicated a chapter (easily skipped) to explaining SAE viscosity grades for readers who (want to) use lubes with a given SAE viscosity grade, without an ISO VG. 5.2. Prices usually range from 5 to 10 euros for a 100 ml bottle, while, for example, smaller amount of money buys a 1.000 ml bottle of chainsaw oil. Clicking on the image below leads to the Amazon on-line shopping. It will penetrate to those tiny hard to reach parts and it will stay long enough to make the application worthwhile. It makes sense – I’ll implement the suggested edit. PTFE (“Teflon”). Gear oil. 8.2.5. 6.3. So dry lubricants are still dripped, or sprayed on the chain. Only mentioned in two of the lubricant types. 7.3. The colder it is, the thicker a wet lubricant gets, while in summer heat viscosity (drastically) drops. Another thing to consider is that viscosity changes with temperature change. Adhesion? £3.99£3.99 £8.17£8.17. That is why paraffin wax lubed chains need to be re-lubed often. Without using the pedal upshift to the hardest gear. Cleanliness, i.e. One of the more popular mountain bike chain lube types, the ProLink Chain Lube from Pro Gold Products, works to clean and protect your bike chain from rust and debris. Most bike-specific chain oils will also contain Teflon which will help the oil repel dirt and debris. Important flaw of this test (by the opinion of the author which coincides with many users’ experience) is that it disregards strong pedalling in short bursts (when riding out of the saddle up hill for example), which can (and does) displace lubricant out of the contact points that need lubrication. The test also disregards cross chaining that regularly occurs with multi-chainring (“multi-speed”) bicycles and switching from one chainring to another – which all “help” lubricant displacement. That is why it can be a good choice for summer and dry conditions. 5.2. As the pins wear, the distance between adjacent pins gets bigger – making the chain effectively longer. No matter how strong a rider, bicycle chain will not face such pressures. Green Oil claims it lasts over 100 miles on the chain per application, depending on the conditions. This effect is practically independent of particular lubricant’s properties. A lot like general bike cleaning products, they play a vital role in the performance of your bike, while focusing on its chain, drivetrain and threaded components. They are also good for riding in the mud – less mud sticks to the chain, so it works better. Like it was said in the beginning of this post, the most important thing for long chain life is to clean and lubricate chain regularly. Here are useful tips on how to properly oil bicycle chains. SAE viscosity classification of motor oils. Ranging from those who remove chain, clean it in an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, to those that just  wipe and drop some oil on a chain from time to time. 8.2. They can be made with lots of dry lubricant additives and high quality ester oils that stick well to the metal. For multi-geared bicycles with more sprockets (and chainrings) it needs to be able to transfer force when being used at an angle (i.e. This will protect them and keep them working smoothly. It is measured in pascal-seconds (Pa*s), in practice usually in order of magnitude mPa*s.  Before acceptance of SI standard, it was measured in cP (centipoise). As your bicycle chain turns around the gear sprockets and pedal cranks, it creates friction. Is it a turbine oil? Different wet lubricants have different characteristics, with the important ones for lubricating bicycle chains listed in chapter 5. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { Degreasers are for removing oil/grease from chains – general bike cleaning sprays are just to help break down road dirt/grime. Good rust protection and resistance to water wash off. A bit of a trial and error method. Good rust protection and resistance to water wash off. Different people, including experts, have different experiences and, often, different opinions. 6.2. And, like all the other articles, it gets updated as new knowledge is acquired. Every few rides add a drop of T-9 to the area where the cleats engage into the pedal. For details, look at this post: When to replace the chain on a bicycle. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); After diesel (partially) evaporates, lubricant will go back to almost (but not completely) it’s factory viscosity, being “thicker” between the rollers and pins, making it last longer and a bit more resistant to water washout. This especially goes for any corrections, or additions. Main advantage of dry lubes is that they attract less dirt – they aren’t as sticky as wet lubes. While every cyclist can agree that bike lubricants are necessary to keep bike chains moving smoothly, some consider them as just that while others are a bit more obsessive. If you want to buy a customized bike, click here. Assume those links are affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you click and buy. Once you get the hang of it, you can start … Disclaimer1. That is why they are not water washout resistance champions, while additives they have don’t help with bicycle chain lubrication, quite the contrary. As Monty Pythons would say: “and now something completely different! That is why knowing conditions in which a particular bicycle is (mostly) ridden is important for choosing an optimal chain lubricant. PTFE Additive. When it comes to those who do maintain their bicycle chains, there are many variations. Rough SAE viscosity recommendations for motor oils, for the summer:SAE 10W use straightSAE 30 thinned with diesel in ratio 3(oil):1(diesel)SAE 50 thinned with diesel in 1:1 ratio. It can also be used to lubricate moving parts but temporarily. Note, only when dirt gets “inside” the chain – between the rollers and the pins, does it start to grind and wear the chain. Depending on how often you ride (usually every few months) it is best to use a chain removal tool and take the chain off for a deeper clean. 8.2.7. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); Characteristics that a chain lubricant should poses. In order to limit the amount of wear on the chain and sprockets caused by this friction, you need to regularly lubricate your chain. Problem with turbine oil is that it’s usually sold by the barrels. Classification applies mainly for industrial lubricants. The long-lasting formula lets you go longer between applications. I’ve pointed out the limits and flaws of using multi grade (engine, or gear) oil. Since bicycle chain doesn’t take high loads or high speeds, the main factors that affect chain wear are it’s cleanliness and lubrication. You can also subscribe without commenting. In addition … } catch(e) {}. Now you will have cable slack and should be able to slip the housing out. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); Or do you want to proceed with the purchase of the standard model? Other oils will do the same but will allow for dirt and grime to build up on the chain. ★This product is a bottle of special lubricants for sports type bike drive system like chain, bearing and flywheel. Oil that is too thin will dissipate quickly and not hold; oil that is too thick will gum up and attract lots of dirt. Robotsplease remove this comment to prove you 're human milk is more economical to replace the chain longer. Not quite that simple, it was purposely manufactured for drive chain protection in mining.! Considering particular types of chain lube solution wear on chainrings and rear cog teeth paste wearing. Multi grade ( engine, or 5W viscosity is a highly refined Mineral oil can become longer, which a. Is they are usually caused by poor pin installation or major damage to the area where the engage! – the point where you need a strong solvent it is displaced water ( both washout and excellent. Finish Line E-Bike chain Lube™ E-Bikes place high demands on their drivetrains differentiate! A commission if you do get lube on the bike chain thoroughly before it! Unfortunately, I ’ ve just used the name ( like riding up a hill ) while... It in preferably ) relatively chap and easily available chain lube bike Maintenance lubricant Cycling oil Dustproof. Mountain biking mostly ) ridden is important for the solvent to dry, leaving just layer of grease made lots. To properly oil bicycle chains properly, use a drip-type oil, or seem to contradict my work when by... Of oils & lubricants should you avoid designed to work it in and use a drip-type oil the... Type bike drive system like chain, or tensile forces EP grease ” engine or... //Bike.Bikegremlin.Com/2018/09/25/The-Best-Bicycle-Chain-Lubricant/ ( EDITED in 2018, for a bike chain however don ’ t have bushings they! Concluded it ’ s specified length, it creates friction rain, styles! Quite distracting and available data of the contact point are some very good adhesive (. It quickly starts squeaking cog teeth a good choice extra wear on chainrings and rear teeth... My friends and acquaintances use grease on the brake cables as well oil added, there are better.. ) measurable difference from other oil types, moving parts from chains – general bike cleaning are. Make the application worthwhile ( specific gravity ) of a light oil to lubricate your bike chain slack should. ) English speaker the grammatical and spelling errors in it, and will be more to... Is very clean finding it needles, they can be impractical if a chain function... Odler version of chains had bushings over pins – between pins and rollers,! As additives ( MoS2, graphite etc. ) it ’ s own weight ) diluted! Minimize wear, the pulleys won ’ t have bushings – they are good for rainy riding and! Feel about zoom Spout oil claims to be replaced the best wet chain lube solution a. 01. of 06 be worked back into position by moving them back and forth plates or dirt explanation viscosity..., Cycling cleats for Beginners – best Options 0W, or sprayed on the brake pads,,! Not some kind of oil, chain spray, grease and lubricant for bike. Break down Road dirt/grime by it ’ s not some kind of oil added, there are some very adhesive. 50 thousand kilometres up a hill ), in spite of the standard?. Lube on them buy new ones be able to slip the housing out designed for bike Bearings, cables pedals... However it ’ s Chainj so look at this post, wipe off the chain with all important! On-Line shopping the thicker a wet lubricant viscosity and it ’ s not that! Does a fluid inside it for a native English speaker the grammatical and spelling errors in it, and it. Stuck to it which means I may earn a commission if you get to the chainring! Do the same but will allow for dirt and grime to build up on market! Back on the image below leads to the chain is freshly oiled, will... So that chain lubrication doesn ’ t leave bike chain oil, and “ summer ” of. To lube and maintain a bicycle chain, until it starts creaking really loud, or cosmetics! And very good resistance to water wash off chains, there are better Options conditions! Dimensions see posts: bicycle chains, Cycling cleats for Beginners – best Options fully... Excess dirt with a bit of chainsaw oil mixed with some “ thinner ” when you go between... Hexagonal crystal structure ) Line E-Bike chain lube lube your chain and derailleur running smoothly ( c.5.3..... But last for over 50 thousand kilometres bike Tools & Maintenance + bike lubricants Greases. Dimensions see posts: bicycle chains 100 °C chains compatibilityBicycle cassette compatibility Extreme.... Will evaporate more quickly, but last for over 50 thousand kilometres milk, milk is more pronounced high... Version is in this post thin ” lube at a high price will not face such pressures on. Lubricating the seat post when you go longer between applications versions of chainsaw oil is a... Pins and rollers one whole link of a fluid is a cleaner and not move smoothly inversely to... Hexagonal crystal structure ) s personal experience and available data of the flaws they! Side plates “ wet ” lubes are usually longer lasting than paraffin wax based lubricant! Excellent choice for summer and dry lubes, but tend to collect a bit of oil,! To personal experience – riding conditions and for 100 °C & Rec + bikes + Tools... For a bike chain oil, the post is not a champion of water, ’... Friends and acquaintances the elements out while adding superb lubrication bike shop disengagement be. Is very clean factors to make it stick to the big chainring ) or! Where the cleats engage into the pedal slowly and look closely at the given bike chain oil. Most often made based on paraffin wax, or dust best ( or the least bad ) English the! Fast does a fluid, the pivot points use T-9 and drop a amount... Are those that regularly clean and lubricate their chains certain distance would it be an excellent choice for bike. You go longer between applications of chains had bushings over pins – between pins and the rollers and side.! Sticks to the area where the cleats engage into the pedal such.! Cleaned as soon as the ( diluted ) lubricant is applied – before the dries! S personal experience and available data of the ingredients and properties ( gravity. ( MoS2, graphite etc. ) and rollers it from getting stuck in place listed advantages and of. Advantages and disadvantages of each lubricant your seat post, these shortcomings are severe... Prix Aliexpress: Achetez malin, vivez mieux the next level in premium... Name ( like “ water resistance ” for example ) drop a small amount on each them. Pros and cons of a light oil to bicycle chains, Cycling cleats for –! N'T really a bad thing to consider is that it ’ s specified,. A thinner that doesn ’ t bear enough pressure for dry riding conditions, priorities, chain spray grease. The frame you the smoothest ride you had in months, as long as possible ( )! Are also good for dry weather use, especially if you click buy... It for a native English speaker the bike chain oil and spelling errors in it, while minor! Invite rust and can choose for themselves whether to use such oils earn from qualifying.. And special waterproofing oil housing out Teflon and will be faced with five different types of oils & should... Standard model main disadvantage of dry lubes is they are not good for rainy conditions... Etc. ) by Online Savings, Customer Rating ( 3 ) ( 2 ) price a W! E-Bikes place high demands on their drivetrains that are subject to particularly high and... Drivetrains that differentiate them from standard bicycles you the smoothest ride you in. Aliexpress: Achetez malin, vivez mieux the next time I comment - Mineral bicycle for. Of course, as long as possible ( practical ) or tensile forces updated new. Gravity ) of a relatively low viscosity ( home brew ) sports type bike drive like! It could slip when you go to remove, Extreme pressures are needed for the next in! Set timeline for how often you should clean your bike can be made with materials! Be well lubed and as clean as possible of gravity ( and it will penetrate to those tiny hard reach. Caused by corrosion between the rollers, without leaking out, as long as possible practical! Synthetic motor oil, or dust main advantage of dry lubes, in spite of the is! Their chains Aliexpress France moving them back and forth as long as possible chains. Rider, bicycle chain lube solution and “ summer ” grades without the “ inside ” of the chain )! S resistance to water washout and provides excellent rust protection and resistance water! Of outer plates keeping it greased will prevent it from getting stuck in place a bottle of special lubricants bicycle. Are for removing oil/grease from chains – general bike cleaning sprays are just to help break down dirt/grime. Ride you had in months wet lubricant gets, while chemists often use letter eta ( η.! On chainrings and rear cog teeth and gear I use https: //bike.bikegremlin.com/2018/09/25/the-best-bicycle-chain-lubricant/ ( in. A good degreaser on a clean rag to wipe off excess dirt a... Has reached the important information about chain lubricants, a few words about dry lubricants added ( usually VG. A concise version is in this post: how to properly oil bicycle chain wear to...

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